Here is Sveins collection of sheet music for well-known melodies

Not all melodies exist in all versions, but most of them are present.

First out is the version for C-instruments og gitar: Piano sheet music with chords. Unfortunately the chords are not always first-class (do not blame me, I did not create them). If you find better chords, feel free to change them (I would like to get feedback so I can straighten them out).

Then there is Clarinet sheet music. Most of the melodies cover all the clarinet ranges.

Soprano saxophone sheet music may also be be played on trumpets, since the range of these two instruments are approximately the same.

Alto saxophone sheet music. This is the largest collection.

Then there is Tenor saxophone sheet music. This collection can also be used by most Bb brass instruments like euphoniums and baritones.

The sheet music for Baritone saxophone may also be used by Eb tuba players.

The last collection is the Trombone sheet music. The melodies correspond closely to the tenor saxophone collection, the only difference being that they use the bass clef.

NB! I have been asked to provide transposed harmonies for improvisation purposes. Those harmonies cannot be used by accompanitio instruments! Use the chords in Piano sheet music!

Now to something completely different. This is a baroque duet for clarinet and alto saxophone - or two clarinets - or two saxophones. Both voices are present for both instruments. The 2. voice is not easier than 1. voice, the theme jumps back and forth all the time. A challenge - but not too difficult.

The same composer(Georg Philip Telemann) has also done a mini-concerto for four equal instruments. This version is for 4 alto saxophones, but it sounds just as good with 4 clarinets, 4 tenor saxophones or 4 recorders.

This marks the end of my collection. Please return occasionally, since I revise and update the collections at uneven intervals. The current version is produced:

Januar 16. 2022